By Nadine Rebekah Angelique Fandialan

"It's a dream come true. Perhaps it was meant to be…"

Things are taking a pleasant turn for the vocal group as eight years  after debuting on "The X Factor UK", they are once again able to unleash their full potential. Also known as 'The Cerado Sisters', 4th Impact is composed of the siblings Almira, Irene, Mylene, and Celina. They took the spotlight last 2015 on the X Factor, listing in the fifth place performing their way as singers that wowed audiences of local and abroad.

Photo Courtesy of 4th Impact/ShowBT Philippines

Before their initial peak at the UK-based competition, the sisters traveled first to South Korea for the Superstar K6 talent show audition. The singing skills of the siblings astounded the Korean audiences, but were soon eliminated along the show, finishing in eighth place. In a group interview, Irene said that they actually passed the audition in South Korea, unfortunately they weren't recruited by an agency due to having a manager and a studio album released at that time. She recalled that the agency was looking for artists that have never been handled by any management.

As the sisters paved their way to success in the diction of hard work, 4th Impact finally hit the pitch when they finally got to sign with ShowBT Philippines, a Manila-based South Korean company in 2021. The company houses talents such as the Filipino boy group SB19, and girl group  KAIA.

When asked by the ShowBT CEO, Charles Kim, on why the sisters chose their company among everyone else, Irene said it was because they appreciated the company's belief in Filipino talents in a heartfelt statement.

With the contract to their new company, the girls were able to access guidance from South Korean producers. 4th Impact released their first comeback single, 'Here We Go' on March 25 this year, which relates to the common K-Pop genre of music where singing while dancing is involved. The song, written by the sisters themselves, was produced by Korean music artist Choi Young-ho.

On July 22nd, fans of 4th Impact anticipated the release of their latest second comeback single 'Tapat Sa'yo'. The song was produced in the scale of the South Korean Producer Lee Oh-Won, who is also known for working with fellow Filipino talent SB19, and K-Pop groups Stray Kids, Wanna One, and many more.

Producer Lee's dynamics was more on the emotional aspect of singing.

"They wanted us to sing with a lot of emotions, almost as if we're weeping." says Almira.

Celina adds "He wanted us to sing in a way that will make the listeners feel that we're just singing beside them."

4th Impact proves that singing breaks the barrier between languages. All hearts beat as one when indulged in the string of good music. The group soared higher than what they thought was their limit during their competition days. With growth and improvement, 4th Impact assures that they have prepared something that will surely surprise their fans, nothing like they've seen before.

Starting again with a new company, 4th Impact is ready to smash the records.