Did you know that law students are one of the reasons why companies that produce pens and markers for highlighting stay in business? Kidding aside, law schools help you understand human logic, assess real-life cases with logical clarity, and enhance your thinking and experience in the humanities and social sciences.

But COVID-19 posed significant challenges to the legal education. Students had to learn a new method to study while learning how to protect themselves and their families, care for sick loved ones and live with the pandemic.

The Villasis Law Center (VLC), an award-winning Bar Review center, has provided high-quality review programs and support to Bar reviewees—our VLC Warriors—for years. At the onset of the pandemic, we designed inventive ways to help law students study, such as our FREE Online Lecture Series, which was a hit for law students and Bar reviewees alike. On August 26, we are giving another relevant FREE webinar via Zoom entitled "Law Schooling 101: What to Expect and How to Become an Effective Law Student."

This webinar will develop students' personalities and abilities, so they can become well-prepared law students and, in time, full-fledged lawyers. Our amazing lineup of speakers include renowned lawyer and Prof. Aliakhbar A. Jumrani, Alexis Vien Regala (National President of Associate of Law Students of the Philippines), and Atty. Jefferson Gomez, CPA (2016 Bar Topnotcher). From overcoming law school jitters to surviving dreadful recitations, this webinar will surely help incoming law aspirants to be the best of themselves in this journey! To register for FREE and receive a Zoom invite, go to https://bit.ly/3Cbi1oZ.

For more information, visit villasislawcenter.com