By Chanyel Fritz Tome

An "aesthetic" classroom greets students in Masbate on the first day of classes in the School Year 2022-2023.

Photo Courtesy of Sue Ellen Palingayan

Complete with lights and pinkish themes, Teacher Sue Ellen Palingayan ensured that her students' second home was just as cozy as their own homes through posters, plants, and furniture as if they had never left their rooms. 

"All I ever wanted was a cozy second home for students," the schoolteacher stated in her Facebook post. "I was teary-eyed when I finished everything."

The teacher acknowledged her friends for helping her aesthetic endeavors by donating the things she needed to make the classroom pleasant and cozy. 

"[I am] so thankful for all of you," she said. 

Teacher Sue gave her students free tumblers and masked laces on the first day of school. 

The School Year 2022-2023 began on Monday, August 22, and was marked with controversies surrounding the Department of Education (DepEd) preparation for the upcoming academic year.

Though schools may still employ a blended form of learning, they are expected to transition to full face-to-face classes by November, according to DepEd.