By Sandra Cabangon

Explained PH Community Head Ancelmo Miguel Catalla is one of the 30 student leaders in Quezon province who have been recognized for exemplary leadership and public service performance.

Photo Courtesy of Gawad Sinag Quezonian/Ancelmo Miguel Catalla (Facebook)

“It's truly an honor to be recognized as one of the 30 youth leaders who have proven their passion for serving the youth and the province of Quezon,” Catalla said.

For the Gawad Sinag Quezonian, youth from various sectors such as PWDs, IPs, and student leaders were screened through a process that involved asking questions about the applicants’ advocacies and projects as youth leaders.

The youth leaders were judged according to their  advocacies and projects’ content and clarity, inclusivity and effectiveness, plausibility and timeliness, and demonstration of leadership excellence.

The 30 chosen youth leaders are the official delegates for "Tanglaw: Legasiya ni Quezon sa Pagsibol ng Inklusibong Lalawigan,” an event hosted by Sinag Quezon Inc., a non-governmental organization composed of Quezonian youth.

Catalla believes that his journalistic work in Explained PH Organization Inc. and his experience with discussing educational policies and student capabilities with international and local education stakeholders played a key role in receiving the award.

“I believe this award is significant because it showcases how empowered the Quezonian youth are. It's also a great avenue to push for personal advocacies and organize initiatives that will impact not just the youth of our province but also our communities and sectors,” Catalla stated.

“Above all, I am really grateful to the members of Sinag Quezon, Inc. and to the team that initiated Gawad Sinag Quezonian for launching this momentous event. I really hope that this project would bring together the best youth leaders of our province to generate innovative, impactful, and long-term change for the communities of Quezon,” he added.

"Tanglaw: Legasiya ni Quezon sa Pagsibol ng Inklusibong Lalawigan" is a two-day activity held on August 18-19, 2022 at Quezon National High School with Hon. Lois Conrad Salumbides and Mr. Vladimir Nieto as resource speakers.

Edited by Annika Gorgeana Maningo