This year’s Frosh Welcoming event was held on August 25-26, and August 30 - September 2, 2022 at the De La Salle University campus, with the theme: “Fiesta in the City”. This annual activity by DLSU’s Council of Student Organizations has played a vital role in the experience of the university’s incoming freshmen. 

The Central Committee of FW2022 coordinated with Lasallian Ambassadors, the University Student Government, the different organizations in DLSU, as well as the different brand partners in order to make the event enjoyable for the incoming first-years. Two main activities are to be highlighted: the Frosh Roulette and Frosh Walk. The frosh were given the opportunity to interact and collaborate with their fellow batchmates through the Frosh Roulette activity. These students were able to make new friends as a way to share the new student experience with other frosh. This activity was conducted online, and video conferencing services that shuffle participants were used in order to give students allotted time to converse with each other, before shuffling them again until the allotted number of rounds is finished. During the Frosh Walk segment, different organizations and the respective college governments have the opportunity to greet the incoming Lasallians and give them freebies and prizes  in order to encourage them to join the participating organizations. Simply put, the Frosh Walk is responsible for hyping up the frosh and make them feel welcomed home.

This year’s Frosh Welcoming is truly different from last year’s because it is, once again, the first time to be held physically back on campus since 2020. There’s only one impression the organizers want to leave for the incoming frosh: “Finally, you’re home!” The pandemic certainly stole the time and experiences passed, but here we are— almost three years later, finally back on campus! Frosh Welcoming 2022 is definitely the kick-starter event of the year.