By Nadine Fandialan

Becoming Colgate's new toothpaste ambassador came as a surprise to the social media vlogger, Mimiyuuuh.

Photo Courtesy of The Philippine STAR/Mimiyuuuh/Twitter 

It takes a lot of confidence to smile and reveal the genuine happiness of a person. The lips that turn in glee, and the teeth that brighten the emotion.

But Mimiyuuuh never considered herself having the embodiment of 'perfect pearls'. With overlapping teeth and a tiny sprout between her two front teeth, she was given the teasing label of a 'vampire' by her classmates in her younger years. Her 'sungki' became one of her insecurities. She confided that her appearance made it difficult to accept herself, especially when it comes to her teeth.

Having seen advertisements of toothpaste showing the very perfectness in the teeth of endorsers, Mimiyuuuh is certain toothpaste brands are not within her league.

In her own words: “Hindi ko po talaga ine-expect na magkakaro’n kami ng endorsements, ganyan. At never po talaga pumasok sa isip ko na magiging Colgate ambassador ako or any toothpaste ambassador kasi nga po ganito ang ngipin ko,”

Colgate is an American brand well-known in the Philippines for its oral hygiene products such as mouthwash, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. This September 2022, together with, Miss World 2013 Megan Young, Mimiyuuuh hosted the launch of Colgate Optic White 02 #SmileOutLoud Campaign. 

During the event, Mimiyuuuh shared a statement about accepting one's imperfections.

"I'm glad that brands like Colgate are now open to imperfection. Perfection is boring," she expressed. 

Embracing your flaws was one of the heartfelt messages of Mimiyuuuh in her endorsement. “I’m super, super honored po to represent people na hindi buo ang ngipin, na ‘di perfect ang ngipin, ‘yung mga sungki. ‘Di mo kailangan ng perfect na ngipin if you don’t shine!” 

She has learned to love her imperfections, and doing so Mimiyuuuh made herself shine brighter than her insecurities. The brand gave her the platform to promote self-love and acceptance.

Being an ambassador is more than being the face of a product, but is rather being the shining smile that gives meaning to the experience of being confident and beautiful.