by Lhiera Nicole Trinidad

Harry Styles left his fans awestruck with his latest music video release for “Music For A Sushi Restaurant” on Thursday, October 27.

Photo Courtesy of Music for A Sushi Restaurant/Harry Styles

The three-minute music video follows the 28-year-old pop superstar as a bearded mermaid man unearthed by a crew of chefs, ending up in their sushi restaurant’s kitchen.

While Styles is known for his flamboyant fashion and bold ventures beyond the norms, his unforeseen parade with a grown stubble sparked a slew of reactions from Stylers. It was a divided commotion on Twitter, with some expressing their delight in his wet bearded look and some voicing their displeasure.

In an interview, the singer-songwriter revealed the motivation behind the song, saying he, together with his producer, was in a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles when the idea came up.

“Music For A Sushi Restaurant” is a track from the third studio album, “Harry’s House” which features 13 tracks including the prior mentioned.