Bea Jane Serna

After releasing its new campaign material which has caused uproar online for its objectifying connotation, Subway Philippines has expressed regret for its controversial commercial video, taking down the said advertisement. 

Photo Courtesy by Subway Philippines

 According to a statement publicized by its public relations company, the American fast-food joint's local leg emphasized how promotional material "did not reflect our values of dignity and respect for all."

“It shouldn’t have been produced and has since been removed. We’re sorry for this error,” it stated.

Due to how its promotional video equated its different sandwich options to women as a representation, Subway Philippines recently came under fire, first publicizing a statement on the matter which vaguely addressed the concerns on how the ad was viewed to be “misogynistic.”


Social media was taken up in arms as netizens all had their say on Subway Philippines’  ad, highlighting how it “reeked of machismo” with how it utilized women in comparing different sandwich options.

According to one netizen, “Hindi ako babae at hindi rin naman ako sandwich but bakit feeling ko ang lakas ng ‘women as pieces of meat’ undertone nitong video? [I'm not a woman and I'm not a sandwich either, but why do I feel the strength of the 'women as pieces of meat' undertone in this video].”

Moreover, the Gabriela Partylist also recently slammed the viral Subway ad, releasing a statement on their official Twitter account, which mentioned how such is concerned with “the underlying message, which objectifies women.”

“The advertisement reeks of sexism and misogyny. It is deeply offensive, triggering, and insensitive, especially when many FIlipino women continue to experience various forms of sexual violence and abuse, Rep. Arlene Brosas reiterated. 

The aforementioned partylist has also called for companies “to do better,” and “be more sensitive to the plight of women.”