With the return of the highly anticipated and largest conference for Geodetic Engineering students, GESC 2023, to face-to-face assembly, the event has been elevated to an even higher level. To mark its return and its 15th year, GESC will be held alongside its new initiative, the National Geodetic Engineering Summit (NatGES).

The National Geodetic Engineering Summit (NatGES) was established in 2023 and aims to foster the development of Geodetic Engineering through a symposium with Geodetic Engineering students and professionals in the Philippines. This will also encapsulate all the breakthroughs and discoveries made in elevating their field of study.

The Geodetic Engineering Student Conference (GESC) is an annual gathering of Geodetic Engineering students and professionals in the country. This conference serves as an avenue primarily for Geodetic Engineering students to know more of their future career through talks and demonstrations from different companies and research organizations.

NatGES x GESC 2023, with a theme of Geodæsia: Geodetic Engineering and Science at the Forefront of the Data Revolution, will cover a wide range of topics related to Geodetic Engineering that will be held for 2 days, May 8 – 9. This event focused on delving deeper on different topics and discoveries made in line with the said profession to further the knowledge of professionals and students alike. In addition, NatGES x GESC 2023 will also feature numerous sub-events on both days such as Quiz Show, Research Presentation, Socials Night, and Company Talks. The Quiz Show is a quiz competition that promotes awareness and understanding of Geodetic Engineering among the participants. Meanwhile, the Research Presentation session is a sub-event wherein participants are given the opportunity to present their undergraduate research and projects to the GE student community. Next is the Socials Night. It is a sub-event that provides the aspiring Geodetic Engineers in the country their first step in establishing connections with the professionals in the academe and in the industry. Lastly, the company talks will be held on the second day where participants get to know various career opportunities of Geodetic Engineering in the corporate world.

By: Marc Kenneth Bathan, Jamela Verna Beniga, Genesis Anne Leal, Bea Pacheco, and Mark Allen Facun