As the autumn of March settled in and the leaves began to don their golden hues, the magical School of Witchcraft and Wizardry stirred with anticipation, as it readied itself for the most illustrious and anticipated event of the year: The Department of Quest & Mysteries: Economics Tournament of Houses.

Amidst the palpable excitement, the four Houses brimmed with pride, each harboring a unique characteristic that set them apart. The Gryffindors, known for their valor and indomitable spirit, coveted bravery above all else. The Ravenclaws, with their insatiable thirst for knowledge, revered the intellect and celebrated the brightest minds. The Hufflepuffs, ever loyal and hardworking, deemed perseverance the most deserving of admission. And the cunning Slytherins, with their unbridled ambition, held high those with the loftiest of aspirations.

In this enchanted realm, the magic of the Tournament of Houses pulsated through the air, beckoning all aspiring witches and wizards to partake in its wonders. Throughout the week-long extravaganza, participants would have the opportunity to engage in a multitude of interactive games and competitions, from enthralling quizzes to exhilarating duels.

ECON's Got Talent would showcase the most dazzling displays of magical prowess, while the Amazing Race would put to test the courage and fortitude of the contestants. The Grand Debaters Cup would see the brightest minds duel it out with their wit and wisdom, and the Chamber of Games would test the mettle of the most ambitious participants.

And as the magic of the Tournament of Houses reached its crescendo, one could not help but wonder—would another such event be in store in the future? For in this enchanted realm, where the possibilities were limitless and the magic never truly ended, anything was possible. So, grab your wand, don your robes, and let the magic unfold before your very eyes!

In celebration of the 36th Economics Week, this week-long virtual event will run from March 20–24, 2023, and will be conducted in a hybrid set-up via Facebook Live and Face-to-Face Conduct. 

See you there, Ekonomistas!

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