Anne Clariene Caburnay

The observance of Women’s Month is a venue to highlight every woman’s achievement and to express support and recognition for their crafts in different industries such as politics, acting, business, music, and more. The music industry, particularly in the Philippines, is known to be a female-dominated field. Our country’s Filipina Artist Lineup consists of multi-awarded singers recognized not just locally, but also abroad, such as Regine Velasquez, KZ Tandingan, and many more.

Photo Courtesy by Girlsclub Asia/Shanne Dandan/Facebook/Bandwagon

In the depths of the internet, particularly YouTube and Spotify, there are some hidden gems, gatekept and underrated Outstanding Pinay Musicians.

Clara Benin
Clara is not unfamiliar with the OPM Industry as she is the daughter of Side A’s bassist Joey Benin. With over 80,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and millions of streams on Spotify, Clara’s soft and relaxing voice will make you want to climb up to your house’s roof, watch the stars and listen to her hit song Parallel Universe while imagining what would have, could have and should have been. Shaket.

Another worth mentioning is her song “Tila” from her 2015 album Riverchild. It has a beautifully calming and nostalgic tune and impeccable lyricism, making you think of someone very, very special.

Shanne Dandan

Imagine walking home at night while wearing your earphones, then Shanne’s “Sandali Lang” suddenly plays, and now you are imagining yourself as the main character. After impressing the judges at the reality television singing competition The Voice Philippines with her amazing rendition of Up Dharma Down’s “Tadhana” during the blind audition phase, Shanne has continued producing quality music. 

Her rendition of Arthur Nery’s “Pagsamo” is a different level of agony.

Syd Hartha

Syd Hartha introduced herself through songs that are intentionally personal. From her heart-wrenching debut single “tila tala,” which can easily make us think of the things (or people) we cannot have, to her empowering and assertive song entitled “ayaw,” a powerful reminder for people to respect everybody’s boundaries. At the young age of 21, Syd Hartha was praised for her songs’ underrated grace and afresh maturity. 

Amidst the controversy she faced with her father, Syd Hartha continues to prove that she's one of the most promising artists of this generation through her distinct songwriting style and infectious voice.

From state affairs to the entertainment industry, we should not snub the power of women. And to quote Miss Universe 2019  Zozibini Tunzi, “I think we are the most powerful beings in the world, and that we should be given every opportunity.” 

Abante Babae.