Genevieve Candace Poquiz

Concerned with the ballooning number of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) positive cases, teenage pregnancies, and sexual assaults in the country, Gallery Manager and Project Head Rhendel De Vera spearheaded the art exhibition, "OBRA 18: RATED 18+" of the Visual & Performing Arts Production Unit (VPAPU) of De La Salle University-Dasmariñas (DLSU-D). 

Photo Courtesy by Sarah Maye Poquiz

They spoke true to the event's theme, "Health, Societal Issues, and Responsibilities Tied with Sexuality," as the VPAPU showcased varying traditional, digital, and installation artworks that delve into different issues concerning fornication. 

"Hopefully na itong exhibit na 'to is makapagbigay ng information sa mga pupunta and ayun nga, katulad ng sinasabi ko kanina, mag-isip ka. 'Yang ginagawa mo ba, anong responsibility ang pwede mag-occur? Anong responsibility na pwedeng mangyari?" the project head asked in rhetoric. 

DLSU-D Brother President Francisco "Sockie" Dela Rosa VI also brought forward expectations that the gallery would bring about introspection among the viewers to ponder and move toward societal improvement. 

"I hope that this exhibit will encourage all of us to reflect on our own beliefs and values and inspire us to act towards creating a more comprehensive and fair society," he said. 

With this, Project Head De Vera presented their exhibition as an "objective" form of artwork meant to bring solutions and enlighten the Filipino youth on sexuality. 

"’Yung art, dapat subjective ‘yan diba. ‘Yung art madami siya dapat na perspective. Depende siya sa tao kung paano siya titignan. Pero dito sa art gallery na ‘to is kakaiba ‘yung mga art. Kasi para samin, ‘yung art, pwede mo rin siyang gamitin as objective. To make solutions. Na magbigay ng information," De Vera explained. 

"And hopefully na itong 'obra' na ito is marami talagang matulungan na kahit papaano ‘yung mga young adults na pupunta dito is mainform namin," he added. 

VPAPU Assistant Gallery Manager and Co-Project Head Paige Jassty Sales further amplified this notion as she empowered art as something that has the ability to make ripples. 

"Art, something that is immovable, something that is lifeless, should be able to create noise and movement. How? By evoking people's emotions and challenging their perspectives," she professed. 

Besides these, it is also the event’s goal to raise funds for the Performing Arts Group Scholars, Bahay Pag-asa Dasmariñas (House of Hope), and The One La Salle Scholarship Endowment Fund. 

Other than the art exhibit, different Performing Arts Groups, participating student performers, and merchandise, are present for the entire event duration.

Open from 8 AM to 5 PM on May 15 until May 20, the exhibit will be held at the campus’ 2F Auditorium in its Ayuntamiento De Gonzalez building.

Phylline Cristel Calubayan