Jude Aldrich Allaga

Wish to emulate live-action redhead Ariel? Fret not— It’ll only cost you a hefty sum of 8 million pesos.

Photo Courtesy by Disney

In Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” Ariel, the curious and rebellious protagonist mermaid, boasts beautiful free-flowing red hair that captures her endearing personality. While Halle Bailey has the uncanny hair of the Disney princess, it may cost a little bit more than just a mermaid’s salty ocean perm. 

Donning 30-inch hair extensions fused with keratin tips and red hair dye, the actresses hair ended up mixing the fair hair alongside her real, unaltered locs.

Oscar-nominated hair stylist Camille Friend estimated that this procedure cost them around $150,000 or P8 million. 

Friend, although insistent with Ariel’s true-redhead fashion, respects Bailey’s adamance in maintaining her natural locks.

This marks yet another milestone in race and representation led by a truly empowered Disney princess.