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A vlogger—Melvs Castle—claimed that the European Union pledged to give EUR 500 million to the Philippines.

In an eleven-minute video posted on YouTube on July 31, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. was seen to have secured a  EUR 500 deal through a bilateral agreement with the European Union.

The thumbnail contains the image of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. with European Commission (EC) President Ursula von der Leyen with the texts, “BUONG MUNDO GINULAT NI PBBM €500 BILLION EUROS PARA SA PILIPINAS” and “EUROPEAN UNION SUPPORTA SI PBBM NAKAKA KILABOT ANG BALITANG TO.”  

CLAIM: The European Union pledged to give EUR 500 million to the Philippines. 


CONCLUSION: The bilateral agreement on the Joint Declaration between the Philippine government and the European Commission only entails a EUR 60 million grant agreement for the Green Economy Program in the Philippines (GEPP). This aims to strengthen environmental initiatives as the country transitions to a green economy.

Throughout the 11-minute video, the vlogger did not provide credible sources to support his claims. Instead, he provided cut video clips during the President’s meeting and the European Commission representative. 

The claims made are FALSE. The agreement only involves a EUR 60 million grant agreement and does not imply that the European Union supports the President. 

The bilateral agreement is for the Green Economy Program in the Philippines (GEPP), which intends to help the Philippines in transitioning to a “green economy” for a “sustainable future.” 

GEPP was launched in 2021. This is a flagship project aimed at assisting the growth of emerging markets and developing countries. 

It was signed on Monday by Maria Antonio Yulo Loyzaga, the environment secretary, and Luc Ver, the head of the delegation of the EU to the Philippines

Future financial agreements, sustaining green infrastructure development, environmental sustainability and protection, climate actions, trade and investments, and even technical assistance are some of the topics discussed in the agreement.

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