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Content creator Melvs Castle posted a video on August 10 titled “IPAPAARESTO NA! BINABASTOS ANG PILIPINAS SA LOOB NG ATING BANSA! GIGIL SI BBM! GALIT NA GALIT!” claiming that the President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. was advised to arrest Huang Xilian, the Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines, and declare him persona non grata. 

CLAIM: It was recommended to President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to order the arrest of the Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines, Huang Xilian, and declare him persona non grata. Only his sign is needed. 


CONCLUSION: The Philippines only summoned China Envoy and protested against the August 5 incident on Ayungin Shoal. In the said incident, the Chinese Coast Guard in a militia ship pointed water cannons toward a Philippine ship (Cupin, 2023). 

The claims made are FALSE. The Philippines only summoned the Chinese Ambassador prior to the incident in Ayungin Shoal on August 5 involving a Chinese vessel and the Philippine ships. 

Throughout the 3-minute video, the vlogger did not provide any credible basis supporting his claims. Instead, he just offered pictures with his narration under it. 

During the encounter close to Second Thomas Shoal, the Philippine ships were trailed, blocked, and struck by water cannons by six Chinese Coast Guard ships and two militia vessels. 

In a press conference on Monday, August 7, Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) spokesperson Teresita Daiz said that Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Huang Xilian was summoned and delivered a diplomatic protest. She said she handed over the note verbale, which emphasizes Philippines' sovereign rights in the West Philippine Sea. 

There is no recommendation yet regarding the arrest of the Chinese envoy and declaring him persona non grata. 

The 2016 arbitral ruling adjudicating the long-running territorial dispute gave legal victory to the Philippines as it gave favor to the Philippines as significant elements of China's claim were declared unlawful. China asserted it was null and void. 

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