Daniela Gapas

PUREZA, PHILIPPINES—The fresh air of the sea and secrets waiting for their discovery anticipate each BAPR freshie to the upcoming Kwentuhang BAPR 2023.

With a twist of the Under the Sea concept, entitled Kwentuhang BAPR 2023: Diving into Inside-Out Seacrets, the Department of Advertising and Public Relations of Students (ADPROS) will again carry out a face-to-face KWENTUHANG BAPR this 2023 to cater to the enthusiasm, hopes, and needs of the incoming first-year students at the College of Communication (COC) on October 9, 2023.

After a few years of online setup, this event will head-on dig into the intriguing stories involving various fields of ADPR, taking them into discovering the creative and colorful realm of Advertising and Public Relations while instilling emotions like joy, sadness, fear, and a lot to unravel. 

This event will help them prepare for inside-out challenges and happy stories from the BAPR community, bringing enlightenment, empowerment, and the ability to connect in the world. Furthermore, the sea-crets of speakers will spill about their careers in advertising and public relations. 

Every ADPR student is welcome to learn, share, and connect to this year’s Kwentuhan, giving allADPR students a chance to build strong relationships, gain allies, and hear epic core memories from the senior students of ADPR on the corners of the COC audio-visual room, parking lot, and connecting hallway as this kwentuhan will continue to flourish with to have an ADQuaintanceParty.

The thrilling experiences, plenty of academic ambitions, and creativity appreciation await each freshie in this year’s Inside-Out Seacrets of the ADPR community.

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