Bea Santina, Geelyn Avanceña, and Rinoa dela Cruz Other people would immerse themselves in music because it lets them vent their emotions. It allows them to express anger, loneliness, or even being brokenhearted. One musical duo is just an example of the artists pushing themselves to break through the music industry with these emotions and a bond that only the two of them could share.

Meet the two friends who dream of becoming successful artists, the rising singer and songwriter Primo and aspiring music producer Allan Benavides. They both joined Mirasol Records because of a familiar friend who invited them.
   Primo and Allan’s bond has created great teamwork and unique song releases as a musical duo and partner. Aside from this, the duo had already formed a bond before joining the label. Well, believe it or not, Primo and Allan met through an invitation to them and, with the help of the strings of luck, ventured towards the world of a music artist. Since then, the two have been helping each other grow and produce more songs, which has deepened their friendship and creativity in music. For Allan, Primo serves as one of the reasons behind his success. Primo approached Allan and suggested completing the rough draft for their song “Pagmamahal.”
“Hindi kami nagkakaroon ng conflict pagdating sa works [or] projects. [Ang] masasabi ko sa kanya, hindi ako makakaabot kung hindi dahil sa kanya kasi sya ang tumulong sa akin,” Allan said. As musicians in a competitive field who are challenged to produce creative and engaging songs, these artists, like most individuals, also experience burnout and fatigue. Luckily, they both have each other as a support system. Aside from this, the duo would also look for ways to recharge themselves with the help of TikTok and other artists and by watching movies. “Iniisip ko na siguro mag-ano muna ako, i-distract ko muna ang sarili ko [at] manood ng music videos para magkaroon ng idea for my next move,” Primo shared.
Love is an unstoppable force that no one cannot control. Feelings grow stronger with the help of music as you dive deeper into your emotions by feeling them. Different emotions rise from the love that everyone thinks of as it passes day by day. These emotions are shown by Pagmamahal, which brings a sense of hopelessness that leaves a burn in your chest that you cannot ignore.
But what is “Pagmamahal” about?
“Pagmamahal'' is a song of hopelessness that shares the perspective of a person who tries to express their feelings subtly to their loved one. However, they still end up unreciprocated since they’re afraid to provide a clear sign that they love them because, deep inside, they know that it will end up being ignored. With serene beats and heartbreaking lyrics, it is only natural for listeners to wonder if either Allan or Primo has experienced this kind of unrequited love. Still, Allan explained that it was just an idea that popped into his mind, so he created a draft for the song through its instrumental. Primo's message about working on the release with Allan was the critical point to the duo releasing the song on various social media and music platforms. Through the song's release, the colleagues shared a lesson that can be felt as the song progresses:  to try to convey your feelings to your significant other rather than regret losing your chances. Of course, the listeners' ears will find their way to find releases with similar vibes from the same artists! Allan's single, "For You," gives off a similar sensation to “Pagmamahal” for its listeners because of its mellow, "hopeless romantic" feel. This song is about a guy who wishes to do everything for the girl he desires, and if you want more of that bittersweet feeling, then their latest song, entitled “Alam ko,” is also a great way to match with “Pagmamahal’s” angst. With the growing Philippine music industry, it only takes a short time after new musicians start to rise to stardom. Allan believes that "consistency is everything." While giving out messages for aspiring musicians who wish to pursue and build their foundations as artists, he said that something will eventually happen once a performer's consistency continues. "Kung consistent ka sa ginagawa mo, hindi mo man makita ang progress kaagad, as long as consistent ka, may mangyayari," he stated. Primo, on the other hand, focuses on the aspect of passion. He advises aspiring musicians to love their craft and enjoy the process of creating music as it occurs. “Kung mahal mo ang ginagawa mo, mag-enjoy ka so habang gumgawa ka ienjoy mo lang yung ginagawa mo,” he said. Music is a way of challenging new things, exploring new topics, and strengthening bonds between artists with the same passion. In the pair’s case, the music industry may seem challenging as both discover new beat forms for their listeners to enjoy. Still, this pair will continue to break musical norms and pave the way for newfound melodies yet to be discovered! Edited by Prashanti Padayao