Nadine Fandialan A comeback with the help of revolutionary AI, a smartphone company seeks to take the lead with new possibilities.

Samsung Galaxy is back again on a scientific quest to reclaim its position as the world's leading smartphone seller with the revolutionary Samsung Galaxy S24 that is equipped with cutting-edge AI capabilities.
   Recent reports from the International Data Corporation have revealed a shift in the smartphone conquest, as Samsung was dethroned by iPhone after an impressive 12-year reign as the dominant force in the market. In 2023, iPhone emerged triumphant with a staggering 234.6 million units sold, surpassing Samsung's respectable 226.6 million units. Samsung is gearing up to reclaim their position with the introduction of their new flagship phone. The premium Galaxy S24 Ultra promises some of the most AI features ever seen on smartphones. Unveiled last January 17, 2024, the S24 is said to be powered by a new Exynos processor that has AI chips called the Neutral Processing Unit (NPU). This will enable the phone to perform multiple AI tasks, such as natural language processing, speech recognition, computer vision, and machine learning that is more efficient than previous units. The Galaxy S24 will have an amazing camera setup that can recognize various scenes and objects, adjust camera settings, enhance image quality, reduce noise, and add further effects using AI algorithms. The phone offers personalized user experience that learns human behavior, with the ability to suggest apps and contents. With optimized battery life and performance, it has an upgraded Bixby voice assistant that has the ability to understand natural language that can interact with other devices and platforms. Samsung has been openly discussing its plans for Al leading up to Galaxy Unpacked. They have mentioned a specific feature called "AI Live Translate Call" that will provide real- time audio and text translations during phone calls, even with someone who speaks a different language (other than English or Korean). Translation occurs on the device itself and ensures faster translation while maintaining the privacy of calls. The Galaxy S24 Ultra introduces innovative features that leverage the power of AI. One such feature is "AI Director", which enhances video creation by autonomously selecting optimal shots, angles, and transitions from multiple cameras, which can help create professional-looking videos. Another feature, "AI Music", enables users to create original music by blending various genres, instruments, and moods. These AI-powered abilities offer users enhanced creative possibilities that exist within a single smartphone. Samsung hopes these Al features will set the Galaxy S24 Ultra to stand out against its competitors and attract more customers who are in need of a smart and powerful device. Just like the vastness of the galaxy, the expanding capabilities of Samsung Galaxy in their smartphone features remains an open universe for endless possibilities with AI.