In the midst of rapid modernization, the pulse of Kapampangan culture beats strong, yet its traditions face the challenge of passing the torch to younger generations. Devoted to serving the Kapampangan community, UP Aguman brings back Sining — the highly anticipated arts and talents competition in Pampanga — this May 5, 2024.

Photo Courtesy of UP Aguman

Guided by the theme, "DALAKDAK: King Kaladwá da ring Kayanakan, Magpabáya ing Kalalangang Kapampángan," this year's Sining aims to reignite the fervor of Kapampangan high school students for their cultural roots.

A fiery and creative journey awaits on this single day. Individual categories, including Poetry Writing, Essay Writing, Impromptu Speech, and Visual Art Illustration in Kapampangan, will reveal the distinct voices of youth towards current trends in Pampanga. Meanwhile, group competitions such as Crissotan, Smartphone Photography, Short Film, Rockoustic Band, and Modern Street Dance, will showcase collaborative efforts that breathe life into the Kapampangan spirit.

Reflecting on last year's triumphs, Information and Communication Technology High School claimed the Overall Champion title, with Gerry H. Rodriguez High School and Systems Plus College Foundation as formidable runners-up.

As the new year unfolds, anticipation swirls: Will these reigning champions defend their crowns, or will fresh contenders ascend to glory? Whose school will spark the flames of creativity, overcome cultural barriers, and pave the path from past to future? Join us as UP Aguman sets May 5 on fire with the spirit of Sining 2024!